Thursday, April 21, 2011


I read in Consuming Desires and on the Sociological Images blog that our tastes are not unique things we develop but dictated by environment and class. I pretty much believe that. So I have been wanting boots all winter, fancy adventurer boots that I could wear if I were a time or space traveler since they would suit all kinds of terrain and climate and keep my feet safe from little mean bugs. Also they must never wear out. The only thing they wouldn't suit is post-apocalyptic anarchy, because they are so cute I would be shot for them. Obviously I have the feeling that I thought of these criteria myself. But really the internet television told me them. I finally ordered these:

from Boot Barn.
Update: My boots arrived yesterday! They are super comfortable and I let my new photographer friend take my portrait in them. I feel guilty for buying $120 boots when I am not working, but my budget said it was fine. I am going to track how many times I wear them before they wear out, to see if these fit the opting out of product obsolescence that upper middle class people get to do. So far I have worn them two times. One of my classmates suggested that I use a pedometer to track their steps. I'll see if I can fit my cheap pedometer into them unobtrusively.


  1. Boot value = # times worn / $

    So, the first wearing was worth $120. The second was worth $60. Soon the boots will be worth only pennies and you can buy new boots, right?

    Or does is go the other way?

  2. Exactly! Except I hope it's not "soon." Right now they have cost $6 per wear.