Monday, April 11, 2011

HC 103 F59 2000

Field Guide to the U.S. Economy
This book is kind of sympathetic, like me, but not focused on accuracy, which is what I like. For example, page 118 says, "A college diploma is worth at least its weight in gold." Okay, an ounce is 31 grams, which is like 1,500 USD right now, and a piece of paper might weigh three grams I suppose.
And then on page 141, they switch the "t" in "trillion" for a b, which is really confusing. (it's correct in the graphic but not in the text) I got excited because I don't think I have ever heard what the world GNP is, and then right when I do I can't believe in it because of a typo.

So that was really frustrating because it is full of little straightforward bits I would like to quote to people.

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