Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HC 110 15 R955 2009

Rethinking the Income Gap

If this was online instead of print I would think it is satire. I still kind of think it is, except it was a long slog to read so it would be super long to write unless the author is in earnest. It is about how it is okay for CEOs to earn a lot of money because that makes more money for everyone.
"CEOs ... created over 45.0 million jobs for you, me, and most everyone else. Or do you think your private sector job just sprung up out of the earth?"p 3
It put parts of expressions in quotes and left the others out, like it talked about the "tipity" top of the income scale. It also went on at length about what a loaded term "gap" is so he uses the term "inequality." I know what inequality means in this context but calling something and inequality doesn't make it seem benign to me.

I mean, if it is satire how did Ryscavage sustain it so long?
"American families... realized there was nothing wrong with becoming rich and becoming richer. It was not greed, because needs were expanding. Whose business was it if one felt the need for an SUV or a 4,500 square foot house or a cruise around the world? Was it wrong for our grandparents to need a telephone or an indoor toilet or a college education for their son?" p59

I did not finish reading this book, even though it is a thin volume, because I think I get his points. But I did page to the back incase it said "kidding!" which it did not, although it did have two appendixes in a 162 page text.

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