Sunday, April 24, 2011

HC 105 S63 2002

Adam Smith and the Origins of American Enterprise, Roy C Smith

I like history! It's so old fashioned- this book defers to Smith's describing wealth as opulence. Charming! And before the Industrial Revolution Britain's main export was wool. Wool. And Smith found that factories employed agricultural workers part time, and he illustrated the advantage of specialization with a report about a pin factory (26). A pin factory. A factory that makes only pins. A pin factory. I was just totally charmed by that, and I want to read more books focusing on individuals.

This captures my heart in the first pages by sharing that, "Most of the intellectual activity of this time was the product of talented amateurs who painstakingly learned methodology and specialization"(4) because I love working on my own.

Most of this book was so excited about America- I love that. There was such an exuberance and a

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